Meet Me


I'm Laura: Los Angeles native, textbook INFJ, and lover of burritos. I truly think it's possible to be both a dog and a cat person; I obsess over Google Calendar; I've been known to deal with hard days by listening to Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss" on repeat in the shower. I'm an unapologetic optimist with a dry sense of humor, and I honestly believe that Dwight and Angela's Office love story is much more compelling than Jim and Pam's.

My personal mission, like a lot of people's, is to make the world a nicer place to be. (Roll your eyes, but I'm not kidding). For me, that means doing everything in my power to help people understand one another. I aim to utilize my creative skills to create memorable and engaging campaigns, amplify marginalized narratives, and celebrate the world in a way that's innovative, engaging, and inspiring.

I believe that it's important for us artsy folk to fight the urge to "turn inwards" when we do our thing. Personal emotionalism is splendid, but I also know that ~art~ creates a unique opportunity for community-building. Because of that, it's important to me to engage with & celebrate the work happening around me.

Recently, I've been... 

     GROOVING TO: "As Long As We're Together" (The Lemon Twigs)

     LISTENING TO: Another Round Podcast (Heben Nigatu & Tracy Clayton)

     READING: The Opposite of Loneliness (Marina Keegan)

     WATCHING: "Mood Mondays" Choreo Series (Karen Chuang)